Metal Roofing Cost

Ordering Details

This framing can be cut to any length you wish (minimum 6 ft. – maximum 45 ft.).

Please supply a Cutlist by email ( or fax (215.489.8567). If you prefer, you can download our Framing Cutlist Calculator and use it to calculate the total quantities for each shape. Prior to fabricating the order, we will provide a final Cutlist for your approval. If you want to order a specific number of linear ft. and determine the Cutlist later, go to the listing for the framing part you want that ends in lin. ft. and enter the total number of linear feet (lin. ft.) you want to order in the Quantity box.

Our goal is to make this EASIER for you, so if you get confused by all this or just want to tell us what you want, get a quote from us, and place an order the old-fashioned way – simply call us at 267-983-1017.

 Shipping Information:

At checkout, you will be requested to select a shipping method. This product can be:

– Delivered to your location on a flatbed truck for you to unload with your own equipment

– Delivered to your location on a truck with a liftgate to unload to the ground (15 ft. max. length)

– Delivered to your location on a truck with a boom lift or forklift to unload to the ground (45 ft. max. length) (not available in all locations)

– Picked up at one of our fabricating sites (Deer Lake, PA, Jacksonville, FL, Longmont, CO, Sellersburg, IN, or Woodland, CA)

– You will not be charged for the shipping when your order is placed on this site. Before your order is released to the fabrication shop, we will provide a shipping cost for the method you have chosen, a final Cutlist and cost for you to approve, and collect the additional payment for the freight. If you want to have these items punched with one of our standard punch patterns, that can be indicated on the Cutlist.

If you have questions about this, please call us at 267-983-1017 and we will work through any pricing, ordering, or delivery issues with you.

Delivery Lead Time:

In most cases, these framing parts are fabricated during the week after your order and delivered the week after that by a Common Carrier truck (approximately two weeks) or scheduled route delivery truck that serves your area on a specific day each week (Approximately 2-3 weeks after the order). For orders delivered by our fabricator’s route truck we are also required to collect your local sales tax.   The dispatcher will call you about 2 days ahead of the delivery to make sure you will be available to meet the truck. Read more at